In an effort to curb fraudulent B-BBEE Certificates, the B-BBEE Commission has developed a central repository wherein all B-BBEE Certificates and related Summary reports issued by the accredited Verification Agencies/Professionals will be monitored and stored.

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With the establishment of the B-BBEE Commission, wherein its mandate requires that the Commission must have a repository for storing the B-BBEE related data such as the B-BBEE Certificates and Reports!

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Verification Agencies are all expected to create Verification Agency Profile so that the are able to take full advantage of this Database System to capture all B-BBEE Certificates and Reports as required by the Law of the country!

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You will first creat a Profile for your Verification Agency to enable the capturing of the B-BBEE Certificates

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You can use our system to capture all valid B-BBEE Certificates.

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Our System will be up-to-date whenever the B-BBEE legislations changes .

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